My Real Estate Journey

Dated: July 27 2022

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My Real Estate Journey...

What led me to become a real estate agent? Before becoming an agent, I owned a small business in Faulkner County called Brown’s Odd Jobs and Moving Services. I was in business for about five years before obtaining my real estate license in 2015. My business had three parts we had the side of a moving service, a cleaning side, and handyman service. When I created this business idea I never dreamed that it would eventually lead me to where I am today. I had done my research and wanted to provide services that were much needed in our local community. I utilized websites like to help with online booking for our clients. From personal experience, I saw the demand for moving assistance for homeowners and renters just needing an extra hand with moving in and out of their new homes or apartments. I hired employees whose job was just that loading and unloading our clients moving vehicles. This was a big job and at the time our only competition in our market was larger moving companies who focused on out-of-state moves that were priced high for the average customer or companies who didn’t service our area. The cleaning side of our company also ended up taking off and being one of the biggest producers for my business. There was a high demand with local area apartments and rental property owners needing professional cleaners to ready their homes and apartments for the market after tenants moved out. This side of my business led me to meet some of the top rental property owners and apartment managers in our area. Through this experience, I learned what it took to ready a home for the market and all the intricate details that went into their management of rental properties. I met a lot of investors who inspired me to dig deeper into rental management and how they acquired their investment properties. I worked for several investors who focused on “flipping” homes for resale. We provided handyman services to fix minor issues in the home as well as to get it looking its best for resale. I started attending meetings with these investors and joined local area groups to learn more about the investment home buying and selling process. There was a lot to it! It was inspiring to see what these investors had accomplished and led me to the desire to start my own property management company as well as my goal to buy and flip homes myself. During the process of writing this business plan, some personal things changed in my life. Life happens to us all! The business plan I was ready to start next was no longer an option but I still wanted to move forward. I had to decide what was next for me! I decided to look deeper into real estate! I had grown a passion for this and the five years I spent learning from the investors and local area home and apartment owners were not going to go to waste if I could help it! I looked into what it took to obtain my real estate license and in 2015 I started taking real estate classes and passed my exam for my license. That was just the beginning! Real estate and being an agent required much more than just a license! Now it was time to put that license and my experience to work. I joined a team at Century 21 as a listing specialist agent. My job as a listing specialist was unique because most agents worked both the listing side and buyer side as independent agents. As part of a team, we were each assigned certain categories of the real estate process and this allowed me to focus on working with sellers in our local market. I LOVED this! All of the experience I had with my previous business came in handy when getting started in this area. I had the experience and knowledge about what it took to get a home ready and SOLD! Now it was time to learn how to determine what a home was worth in today’s market so I could advise my sellers on the best plan to start their listing price and also see the highest possible return on their sale. It was a great start! In my first year in real estate, I was able to help 31 homeowners achieve their goal of selling for the highest and best in our market. I worked in this position with Century 21 as a listing specialist agent for close to four years. During that time my knowledge grew and grew and my database of referrals and knowing individual businesses in our local area to help sellers accomplish their goals grew and grew. I learned more about the ups and downs of the emotions that came with selling a home and all the different situations that lead homeowners to sell their homes. This was something new and not as simple as the investors just looking to reach their highest return. Homeowners who were selling their homes obviously still wanted to reach that same goal but they faced many other challenges when it came to parting with their homes that they had poured their blood sweat and tears into buying. Real Estate is also emotional! Our homes are our biggest investment! There were also many types of sales that I gained experience in such as probate, short sales, new construction, land, and commercial. I grew a passion for learning how I could provide the best services in each of the areas to all my clients! My knowledge grew and it was a success! After four years of working as a listing specialist agent, I was ready to expand my knowledge again. I had always joked with my fellow agents that there is no degree for real estate but the school of hard knocks! After four years I was ready to move on to my “masters” in the school of hard knocks of real estate! I had enjoyed being part of my team and my role in it but I was ready to continue to grow my career as an agent. I decided I would look into more than just the listing side of the real estate process. I was ready once again to expand my knowledge and become an independent agent and provide all services related to real estate. A lot of my sellers in the past were also buyers and I had a teammate who had walked them through the home buying process. I wanted to learn this side of real estate and what services I could provide to buyers in our market. What challenges did home buyers face when looking for a new home and how could I help?  I started researching real estate companies and meeting with other area brokers to see what these companies provided for their clients. I knew what was important to me, especially from the listing side. I wanted to have the best for my clients which included a progressive company that was moving forward with today's technology offering all of the marketing tools for my listings clients and tools to assist my buyers! The days of selling and buying a home from just a sign in the yard were long over before I got into the business. As sellers and buyers we all shopped online for everything now! The most common question I heard from sellers and buyers was where do we start? A lot turn to an internet search which often ended up in more confusion and disappointment. That’s where I came in! I needed a company with the right tools not only for sellers but for buyers to start their real estate journey. Buyers needed up-to-date accurate information to be able to search for homes in a time convenient way for them. My search was on! I wanted a company that had the best for my clients! I found that at NextHome Local Realty and joined them at the end of 2019. I have been working as an independent agent with NextHome since joining and have loved my journey with this company! I am proud to be servicing all types of clients in the Central Arkansas area. As part of my continued real estate education, I have obtained certification as a PSA or Pricing Strategy Advisor to help me continue to service my seller clients as our market has changed significantly with pricing over the last few years.Since joining NextHome in 2019 I have serviced as many buyer clients as seller clients and proudly say I have grown to become a savvy buyers agent skilled in the competitive buyers market and the new construction buyers process. I am experienced in probate sales, divorce and estate sales, short sales, relocation sales, and commercial sales. I am here to help my clients with their personal real estate journey! I want to be your go-to Realtor Resource for all things real estate. I look forward to sharing more with you as my knowledge and journey continue in the real estate field!

In your service,

Jennifer Brown, Realtor, PSA

NextHome Local Realty


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