My Clients Real Estate Journey

Dated: September 11 2022

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My clients have many different needs and experiences in their real estate journeys. Each is unique and personal. I want to give my clients the opportunity to share those experiences with you. No matter your journey I am here to walk that journey beside you! Read what my clients have to share.

Buying my own house is something that I was looking forward to for a long time. Once I got the money saved up, I immediately started looking! There were several factors I had to consider when looking for a new home – the two main ones being my goats and chickens! I HAD to live somewhere that would allow my goats to tag along. There were a few houses I was extremely interested in but were in a county or area that doesn’t allow livestock. It seems like every county/town/city has different rules for having livestock! With Jennifer’s help, I was able to find the PERFECT house out in the country for me and all my animals! It has just enough room, the right amount of fencing, and just the right vibe. It is exactly what I was looking for!

-Emily Nevins

Please allow me to tell you a story about my personal experience buying and selling houses.

In February of 2019 I decided to sell my home on my own. That was a mistake. I knew nothing about what all I was going to have to do in order to sell a home. I am ever so grateful that God sent me Jennifer Brown from NextHome Local Realty.

The whole experience was more than just good or great. Jennifer was there for me at every point of the sale of my first home. I would like to tell you that it was a smooth process, but you will always have that one buyer who will try to make it difficult. However, when you have a Champion like Jennifer in your corner all is well and good. She did all the paperwork, leg work and even helped me by giving me names of people who could help me move if I decided I needed help.

Then came the buying of a new home. She went with me to see every home I wanted to look at. We had great times. I enjoy her company. She is an inspiration to me, and I love her for putting up with me. She is a SuperHero! We found a house for me to make a home. It was what is called a short sale. Now I thought that meant everything was going to take a short amount of time. Nope, it did not. Thankfully, once again, Jennifer came to the rescue! She has always explained everything to me in complete detail and helped me feel at ease. This is another thing I love about her. She truly cares for her clients. Truly.

I spent 3 years in that house and decided it was time to sell again. I called Jennifer, of course, and she was there for me, as she always has been. This was not my virgin trip and still, she walked me through each step, and we sold the house in what seemed like a short amount of time.

From here I decided to buy a couple of houses for my two sons. This was an adventure for us all as a family. And may I say we had a great time looking and selecting the perfect home for my sons. And if there was any reason that Jennifer was booked up at that time, she made sure that we had another agent present and willing to help. Her team at Next Home is Top Notch. I mean the absolute Best. They go Above and Beyond. I thank God for Jennifer and her team.

She and her team are now official members of our family. We would have it no other way. I hope that I have not taken too much of your time and that you enjoyed my little story.

Jennifer, thank you for all you did for me and my little family. We love you.


Forever your Sis,


-Penny Gail Ackerson

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